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PeaceHealth Medical Group to have ear, nose and throat specialist

Ketchikan to have new visiting ear, nose, throat specialist
Ketchikan — Nathan Christensen, M.D., has joined PeaceHealth Medical Group in Ketchikan as a visiting ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist. Christensen first joined PeaceHealth in 2013 after serving for four years in the United States Air Force. His training also prepares him to help with facial traumas and deformities, speech problems involving the larynx, salivary gland conditions, surgical treatment of snoring and pediatric ENT conditions. 23. He is an experienced otolaryngologist who works fulltime for PeaceHealth at a clinic in Eugene, Oregon, and will visit Ketchikan regularly to provide specialized care for patients with issues such as hearing loss, chronic sinusitis and tumors. Christensen begins seeing patients in Ketchikan on Jan. Christensen will provide patients in southern Southeast Alaska with a full spectrum of ear, nose and throat procedures including minimally invasive treatments of sinus disease as well as throat and neck cancer, right in Ketchikan. Christensen attended medical school at Oregon Health & Science University and then went on to the University of Rochester where he completed his internship in general surgery and his residency in otolaryngology. Christensen has a special interest in caring for people with thyroid and parathyroid disorders.